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Why are American Kids Such Picky Eaters?

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I Love Love Love this book! French Kids Eat Everything by Karen le Billion for months. I read it during my long trip to California over the summer. It is such a fun and engaging book that explores the real reasons most American kids are so picky at the table and amazingly how French kids eat everything …almost literately.

Karen le Billion is an American girl who married a Frenchman, and while on a year long stay in France she learned  how to help her girls be more adventurous eaters. I’ll be honest I was shocked about how seriously the French take their food and how intentionally they pass that on to their children without whining or fighting or even counting bites ; )

If know a picky eater, or maybe you are one, you will be blessed by this fun easy to read book.  I promise you will come away with a whole new view of teaching kids to eat and some real practical ways about how to make it happen. The best part is we get to learn from Karen’s mistakes!

Actually the best part is the book is on sale now for just $3.99 as an ibook, nook book or kindle.  click here for links to buy the book. Here is a sneak peak at the French Food Rules from the back of her book.





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