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Tofu Eggsalad Recipe–Ridzogirl’s Favorite

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Egg Salad and Lentil Vegetable detail 1 I know some of you are wondering why make an egg salad if you don’t eat eggs? That’s a fair question, my sister says it’s kind hypocritical to call a food something it’s not.  The only answer I have is, it tastes good.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical when I first heard the idea and honestly a little resistant, but the fact of the matter is, this wonderful little sandwich spread or dip is, healthy, quick and easy to prepare and the whole family loves it.

So much so that it is featured on the Family Focus Blog this week, so hop on over there and get the recipe.

Here are some fun ways to serve it …
Vegan tofu egg salad and a lentil vegetable soup

  1. The obvious soup and sandwich. (it is yummy on regular bread or in a pita.)
  2. A cute tomato flower: just cut the tomato in wedges from the top to the bottom.  But don’t cut all the way through. Put a scoop of Tofu Eggsalad in the the middle. Click here for a picture of one made with real egg salad.
  3. As a dip with with whole grain crackers.
    Any way you serve it your family will be happy to eat this lower fat zero cholesterol version of egg salad.

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