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I just learned about Menu Plan Monday from I’m and Organizing Junkie and LOVE the idea!  Our new cookbook is centered around meal planning.  Especially for a plant-based diet. I have met a lot of people who are ready to make the change but are worried about good nutrition.  It is isn’t hard, we like to say “Eat the Rainbow”  if you eat a variety of plant-based WHOLE foods you will automatically get good nutrition!
One thing we like to do with our menu planning is to plan ahead and make recipes do double duty.  this is how we do it….


Breakfast: Granola Parfait
Main Meal: Split Pea soup & “chicken” salad sandwich
Plan Ahead: Make extra soy curls for BBQ “chicken” on Friday
planning for leftovers tomorrow check to see what you have if you need to make extra soup.


Breakfast: oatmeal
Main Meal: smorgasbord
Plan Ahead: Make Garlic Spread x2 for Wednesday & Saturday


Breakfast:  Cereal
Main Meal: Pasta Primavera, Spinach Salad and Garlic Bread
Plan Ahead: Make extra Alfredo Sauce and cut extra Cauliflower, broccoli and carrots for Saturday.


Breakfast: Cereal
Main Meal: Bean and Rice Chimichanga with guilt free guacamole and lettuce, tomato and salsa.
Plan Ahead:  Make Refried Beans and Spanish Rice x2 and freeze for Fajitas next week.


Breakfast: Pancakes (with homemade mix) and fruit sauce
Main Meal: BBQ “Chicken” and coleslaw.
Plan Ahead: Prepare Pasta Bar for Saturday. Make Basil Pesto x2 and freeze half. Use leftover Vanilla Pudding from Monday to make Banana Pudding.


Cook Pasta, warm sauces and vegetables and relax
It takes a little more work to do it this way but it sure pays off in the end!  My “Chicken” sandwich items are not really chicken if you are interested in some of our favorite substitutes make a comment we would be happy to help!

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