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Learning From The Blue Zones: Get Moving

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imageBeing active is very important to health and longevity.  Not necessarily “exercise” fore the sake of exercising but getting up and moving everyday.  Doing daily activities that require movement walking and playing with the kids, gardening, volunteering, packing and moving boxes.  Unfortunately in today’s society with all of it’s conveniences make it it is harder to find ways to be active. So we must be deliberate about it if we want to receive the short and long term benefits.
In the short term, it can produce such benefits as reducing stress, boosting brain power, and improving your mood. At the same time, an active lifestyle can also protect in the long run against high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes—cutting your risk right in half. Living the Adventist lifestyle doesn’t guarantee you will live to be 100 or never get sick, but the studies do show that the choice to be active now definitely affects your quality of life—both now and in the future.

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