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How to Live Forever or at least to 100

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imageNewsweek, US News and World Report and the National Geographic Magazines have all written articles about living a long life.  Each of the articles was unique and interesting in their own right. But one thing each had in common…they all recommend living like a Seventh-day Adventist!  What’s so special about how Seventh-day Adventists live you may ask?  Being a Seventh-day Adventist myself I was a bit curious what the scientists thought myself.
imageI had my own ideas of the benefits, but I wanted to learn more about what the research said and what I learned was compelling! I wanted to share all that information with you along with some great family recipes!  That is really why we wrote our book to tell everyone about the secrets of the Adventist lifestyle.  So more people could enjoy healthier, happier lives!
So if you want to learn the secrets that keep Seventh-day Adventists on top of the list of long living people, get a copy of the book and give your family “Something Better”.image

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