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Blue Zone Living–Getting Older without Growing “OLD”–Part 2

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This is the reason we wrote Give Them Something Better….

Dan Buettner found four Blue Zones or areas where people live longer and happier lives.  As you would expect, most of these people were found in secluded places. They were found in Okinawa, Japan, consuming soy foods on a regular basis. They were discovered in Sardinia, Italy, enjoying a Mediterranean diet. They were located in the pristine serenity of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. However, The one I found most intriguing was the American Blue Zone.


Specifically the research centered in Loma Linda California, a small suburb of Los Angels of all places. However Buettner admits that the American Blue Zone is really more of a cultural Blue Zone than a geographical one.

You see, the majority of people that live in Loma Linda are Seventh-day Adventist Christians and all of the Seventh-day Adventists across America who follow the church teachings about health live an average of 10 years longer than their American counterparts. How do they do it?  They live in the same society, surrounded by the same choices, fast food at every corner, yet they have a lower risk of all of the big lifestyle diseases that plague our country.

The study showed four major factors in their longevity; exercising regularly; eating a plant-based diet; taking a day off each week; and living with a purpose.


Since Sarah and I are both Seventh-day Adventists we decided to share our recipes with you so that we can all live longer and happier lives.

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