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Secret Suprise Bread

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Have you tried the oatmeal bread yet? If you have, I am sure you loved it; it is really good whole-grain bread.  If not, here’s a little more motivation to get that mixer out or better yet get your kids in the kitchen to help you knead the bread.  The kids really do love doing all the hard work.

To make it even more fun we like to hide a secret note in the bread.  The kids think it is great to hide a note in a cute little loaf and then give it to someone so they will get a surprise.  Most of the time we use a scripture verse for our notes. And then make a cute little tag that says, “The scriptures are like bread, meant for daily use; not like cake, just for special occasions.”  To give a little hint as to what the surprise might be.

To keep the note safe while baking we wrap it up in aluminum foil and then as we shape the loaf we flatten out the dough and roll the note up right in the middle.  No one will have any idea what the surprise is until they slice the bread.  How fun is that?

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