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Remember that oatmeal bread we made a few weeks ago? It is a very soft bread dough and works for many different things. I really like making date rolls or cinnamon rolls with it. Since the Ridzogirl is home from school for the summer we decided to have some fun with our rolls and we made a cute lamb and a star.

We took about a pound of bread dough and rolled it out into a rectangle, about ¼ inch thick. Then we spread the dough with margarine and some cinnamon sugar, leaving about ½ inch on the far edge plain. Sometimes we use date paste, which makes it super sweet without any refined sugars.

After that we rolled up the dough and sliced it. My favorite way to slice the dough is with dental floss. It may be easier to show you what we made than to explain it so here is a link to a YouTube video that shows the technique. For the lamb we saved out a little dough to make the face, feet and tail. I think he came out pretty cute, but the Ridzoboy says he looks like a wolf…which would make him a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Vegan Cinnamon roll  lamb

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